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just a bunch of pics of awkward people

i mean the end was kind of funny, though not worth sitting through a 3 minute slideshow of autism.

so unoriginal

animation was alright but this concept has been done more times than I can count. An on top of that, it wasn't executed that well, very bland humor.

Mixed feelings

Fantastic animation, and very good music choice. As far as sound goes, There was just the song and some misc sounds thrown in, could have had more ambient sounds to improve the overall feel of the animation. But my biggest problem with this animation is that it has newgrounds syndrome, the animation is great as well as the art style, but what was the point? There was not alot of humor and it wasn't to action packed. It was like one of those scene from a scooby doo episode where some slightly wacky things would happen while the protagonists were chased by monsters. Nothing particularly funny. And lets be honest, if i showed this to my friends, expecting them to laugh their asses off, they would probably call me a fag.

DonkeysBazooka responds:

Okay, I'm sorry you had to be the one I said this to, but I've seen this lots of times and I've always hated it. What follows is nothing personal. I appreciate the 7, the cartoon isn't for everyone. I've just seen your review a hundred times, and I need to get something off my chest.

This thing you so callously refer to as "newgrounds syndrome." "What's the point?"

What kind of a bullshit question is that? The point? The point is to be entertaining, buddy. You watch it for a treat for the eyes, the ears, and/or for a cheap laugh. I'm not just talking about this cartoon, I'm talking about just about anything uploaded to this site, and most of the shit on youtube. Does everything have to have a message? Does everything have to make you think? If I made the cartoon cause you to question your sexual orientation, would that be enough of a point for you?
Okay, so you liked the art and the music, but it didn't make you laugh. Maybe the point wasn't to make you laugh? The genre is "music video," not "comedy," after all.

The point of my rant: Some things in life are pointless. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy them.

PS: Sorry your friends are such d-bags.

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very good, excellent, but

jesus did you sell out on the memes, honestly stop meme whoring, I'm sure you can be just as funny with out shitting out an overused meme every two seconds.


it really doesnt deserve to be number 2 of all time.

It's a radio flash, nothing more. I mean, you people know about pandora right? It's a million times more professional and expansive than this.

It's cool, but what the fuck is it doing on newgrounds?

Great game but

crayola, you're a fuckin idiot dude.

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pretty funky shit, but good none the less

Crueltool responds:



drums are really weak and the strings are really low.

Lyrics are alright.

very nice track but

i dont know, it just needs to sound a little.... bigger. like, most of the time it sounded like it just the drums and the arp you were using, with a small build up sound every now and then.

DesoFreelanceRecords responds:

Yeah, I know what You mean. this track have poor basssline. It should pumpin the whole song... To be honest, It's not my best production hehe.
Im happy that You enjoyed some part of it :]
Thanks for the feedback !

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This review is based on the art alone

especially for being done in ms paint, this is was a phonemail job well done. It has an almost, 8-bit 3d feel about it, very unique. Also, good use of subtle shading. Lastly, The emotion of each character is very noticeable here

job well done

jewdozer responds:

Thanks for the comment. I think I been getting a hard time from some because of the quality of my drawings. Not everybody understands how long these things take when you limit yourself to only using paint.



sucho responds:

fuk yeh


so he can draw more than madness characters


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